big announcement

i know it's been forever since i blogged and there is a reason for that. the only thing that is going on in my life right now is that i've been trying to get a job. i reinstated my teaching license last fall and am eligible to teach special ed while i'm completing my masters. however, this is a stupid time to try to get a job with the state of the economy and schools facing cut backs. so, it's been a long process with lots of disappointing closed doors, which is why i haven't wanted to say anything about it until now.

i hoped to stay in lawrence, as it has been my home for 4 years as a para. i live only a few blocks from the school, have 4 years of relationships established with the teachers and the students, and it's familiar. but, to cover my bases (and due to rumors that lawrence was facing cuts in teaching positions) i also applied in the KCK school district. those of you who know me well know that i've always wanted to teach in an urban school with a diverse population. well, i was called in for an interview with a sped person from the KCK district about a month ago. the interview went well and my name was passed along to a few building principals to consider for a second interview. instead of a second interview, i was offered a job 2 days later!

since then, my application had to approved by the school board and i had to complete some preliminary paperwork so i've been waiting until i had the contract IN MY HAND before i really made the official announcement. i just couldn't face telling everyone that i'd been offered a job and then have the district cut my position or something else happen, so i waited.

anyway, i'm really excited about the job! i will be an Emotional Disturbance (used to be Behavior Disorder - the so-called "bad kids" that struggle to succeed in traditional school settings) teacher at Washington High School in KCK. it is definitely an urban school facing all of the usual challenges, but there are a lot of exciting things that the school and the district is willing to give a try in order to see their students succeed. i will have my own classroom, which i'm excited about (may not seem like a big deal, but it's not always a guarantee for sped teachers). i've got a lot of ideas for how to decorate! once i get all set up, i'll take some pics of my classroom and post them! i will be co-teaching part of the day in general ed classes (probably math, social studies, maybe english, hopefully not science!) and then i will have both studies skills and social development classes of my own to teach.

oh, by the way, i will be tripling my yearly salary that i've been earning as a para. yeah.

anyway, look for my summer reading list sometime in the next couple of weeks. i just have to get through the next week and a half of school and then i will be a more rested, lively version of myself!