shots...and disorders

well, our trip to south africa is official...i've gone to get my shots. well, one shot. to my delight i discovered that i could get the typhoid vaccination via capsules, and it lasts longer than the shot! boy howdy! so, all i had to get is the hepatitis A booster...yeah, that's right, the booster. 4 years ago, when i went to china i got the first round of the hep A series, but never went back to get the second round because i'm a huge wimpy baby about shots. so, kirk and i go to the health department last night to get our shots. and i'm a nervous wreck. those of you who know me understand. i didn't even get my ears pierced until i was 19 (and even then it was because i lost a bet to my good friend todd...and i made him go with me for support). anyway, i only have to get ONE shot. just one. i nearly passed out. i was physically shaking. kirk had to come in with me. i made him read sports scores off of his cell phone while i was getting the shot. wow. i am a big baby. does anyone else have this problem?

in other news, i've discovered what has been wrong with me all of these years. as i am studying to get my masters in special ed, i am studying in-depth all of these various disorders and disabilities and it is abundantly clear to me that i have all of them. i'll be reading along in my stack of textbooks and i'll suddenly shout out to kirk: "kirk! listen to this! it says 'inappropriate types of behavior or feelings under normal circumstances' and 'general, pervasive mood of unhappiness or depression'! doesn't that sound like me?! i think i have a emotional or behavioral disorder!" so far, i have ADHD, Tourettes syndrome, anxiety disorders (see aforementioned story about getting shots), BD, and a few phobias. it's bad, folks. by the way, there's also a good chance that i am schizophrenic as the symptoms are very similar to those of BD/ED. i guess that explains a lot.


ksu rant

here is an excerpt from a recent email exchange with a good friend and fellow aspiring football commentator, thomas casper. i wanted to post it because i finally found my voice about what is going on with the cats!

the big difference between Snyder resurrecting a dead program (in the 90's) and Prince in this current era is defense and strength. with Snyder we got better as the game went on, as the season went on, and each year we were a little better than last! we did this on the backs of unknown recruits that he shaped into tough players. he took guys who would have been walk-ons anywhere else and made them great, especially defensively. for several years we didn't have the clout to recruit top QB's and offensive "stars" so we played our butts off on defense. right now, we get worse as the game progresses, we look tired and weak and small. i don't see us growing with each game and each season like we did with Snyder, even if only in small baby steps. to me, going 6-6 isn't really an improvement on last year's 5-7 if we aren't better at the end of the season than we started. i think a new defensive coordinator and a new strength coach is a start, but probably just a band-aid to the bigger problem of head coach. if Prince can't bring in good coaches around him, it doesn't matter if he's actually a football genius (one could argue that you're only as genius as the people you bring around you...hmmm, that applies politically, too!).

i saw that BYU went down to TCU last night! hmmmm (said with pondering voice) [Thomas asserts that coach Patterson of TCU would make a good replacement, should Prince leave KSU]

regarding the students and fans bailing out early in games, i am torn. on the one hand, i hate seeing the students give up so easily. kids these days! they are so entitled! they don't know how exciting it is to see a team go from worst to first. wimps! on the other hand, it really communicates to the administration that change needs to happen. if people would stop going to chiefs' games maybe carl peterson would finally get the well-deserved can!


blogging dilemmas and life update

so, i've been a horrible blogger, just as i predicted. i can't remember the last time that i emptied my camera memory card into the computer so that i would have new pics to post...so, i've just avoided posting new blogs! i tried blogging about ksu football, but it is so depressing i can hardly speak, or i could go on for miles and miles of ranting, but i'm trying to edit myself. i avoided blogging about politics, even though i have a lot to say on the subject, but decided to inject a little political sarcasm directed at cindy mccain's outfit...then realized that even that might be offensive to people. i also have realized that i don't even really enjoy talking about politics with anyone other than kirk because my politics are a reflection of my world view...and to talk about them opens the door to people debating and disputing my world view...which hurts much worse than just an innocent little political discussion. this has left me with little to blog about!

then i realized: part of the reason i haven't been a faithful blogger is because i am just really stinking busy! 1) summer is over, school has started and all my emotional energy is focused on the students and my coworkers. 2) i began working on my masters in special ed last spring and have reinstated my teaching license. i am currently taking classes and looking for teaching jobs simultaneously. 3) we brought home another cat from the hutson farm...named percival! again, great place to post a picture of him, but it's been months since i have added new pics to the computer! 4) our trip to south africa is finally going to happen!! we will be there nov. 19-30...not only have we been busy making plans, but i am running out of days to avoid getting my vaccinations! those who know me know my position on shots! 5) we bought a house in august and have been working on a variety of projects including painting, sanding, cleaning, tearing out, re-wiring, and landscaping! again, great time for pics of the house (see mention of picture dilemma above).

so, yeah. i'm a little busy. all good stuff. all very exciting. but busy.