training camp week...and ken griffey, jr.

to my friends who do not give a rat's behind about sports but love me and my crazy-competitive-sports-analyst self: please forgive the following ranting blog. you all know me...no need to explain.

i would like to take a moment to celebrate that it is training camp week for the NFL. this means that football season is officially beginning. important news from training camp thus far: the chiefs, sadly, are not going to be very good. we are not surprised. and jared allen is causing problems [refusing to practice, threatening to cause harm to chief's offensive linemen if he is forced to practice, etc.]. um, quit being a giant man-baby. secondly, my favorite of all time, brett favre has been reduced to a very unfortunate, non-starting, starting QB. sad.

on other sports news, my ken griffey, jr. has been traded from the Cincy Reds to the White Sox. this is devastating. although i wanted to live and teach in south chicago, this does not make me a Sox fan. in fact, i loathe konerko and pierzynski. i wish they would go away. now i am torn. can you love the player and hate the team? can you want griffey, jr. to continue to be amazing yet hope for his team to meet their pennant demise? oh the agony.

disclaimer: to all of you who think that i am just a band wagon jumper who loves only the big name celebrity athletes....i have been a favre fan since the first time i saw him run head first into an on-coming linebacker like a fullback in a QB's body. this was before he was a celebrity...this is what made him a celebrity. griffey, jr. has pretty much always been a celebrity [due to the name "griffey"], but i have loved him from the beginning, since the mid-90's, at least. so, give me some credit. no, i did not just become a football fan because of fantasy football. i despise fantasy football. i spit on it. i listen to sports talk radio. i know that most of the radio personalities are men, and men who think that women only became interested in football because of fantasy football. i do not fall into this category. i've been a sports fan my whole life. amen.


Kyle said...

Heed my words...

Green Bay trades Favre at their own peril.

Yes, he should have told them to cool their jets when they were pressuring him to make a decision to retire or not. He put them in a bad spot, but hey, life isn't fair. But the best thing they can do now is try to trade for one of the QBs they drafted. Screw their presumptive-starter and his tender feelings.

I hope Favre ends up staying at Green Bay. Seeing him without the green helmet would be ... weird ... and not right.

Mendy said...

I KNOW! Green Bay's insane! He's not going to play forever...but he knows he's still got it. He'll know when to go for good. I think he should stop making these decisions at the end of the season when he's understandably tired...wait until a few months have passed, announce your retirement to your team before the draft (so as not to screw them over) and come back for one home game in the following season so they can officially "retire" you. it won't kill aaron rogers to be brett's back up for one more season...he may actually learn something! i mean brett's ok. he's got a few skills. it might pay off to pay attention to him...i'm just putting a hypothetical out there.

Mendy said...

did anyone see Griffey's amazing diving catch against the Royal's yesterday? this is why we love him. he is quite possibly one of the best fielder/hitter combinations in baseball's history. AND, he's been playing in the MLB since 19...no, not just in farm leagues...in the MLB. who was the last 19 year old you remember seeing in the majors? that's not rhetorical...i really don't know.

Michelle said...

Oh, Schmendy...I'm glad to see you haven't changed one bit when it comes to sports :) I can't wait to see you in just a few short weeks!!!