be thrifty...and green!

i have a vague idea of seasonal produce, but wanted to learn more about local, seasonal fruits and veggies. so i googled and found a very helpful website where you can select the state and the season and it comes up with a list of produce from the area and from surrounding states. did you know that buying local foods (or as local as possible) can help keep the cost of food lower? did you also know that with the recent inflation, fresh produce is the one section of the grocery store to be least affected? according to this article i read from the k-state ag department, the less your food has to travel and the more we encourage the market toward local foods, the cheaper they will be! yay! thrifty AND green! anyway, here's the link to the website i found. by the way, if anyone knows what a salsify and a kohlrabi are, let me know! apparently they are types of produce.


Paprika said...

Kohlrabi is awesome!!! My grandma grew it in her garden so it is a childhood memory for me. A lot like a turnip. We just sliced and it, and sprinkled some salt on it. Thanks for the site! Miss you! Sorry about the game last night. :(

Mendy said...

i didn't really think anyone would be able to tell me what a kohlrabi was! that's hilarious. i don't know if i like turnips. there's so many fruits and veggies i've never tried.

Mendy said...


maybe you should make a recipe with kohlrabi and take a picture of it to post on your blog!!

Kelsy said...

Vance's dad grew watermelons this summer, and we've been really enjoying eating them for the past couple weeks. Free is definately thriftier than $4 a pound at the store and they taste yummy, too!