ksu rant

here is an excerpt from a recent email exchange with a good friend and fellow aspiring football commentator, thomas casper. i wanted to post it because i finally found my voice about what is going on with the cats!

the big difference between Snyder resurrecting a dead program (in the 90's) and Prince in this current era is defense and strength. with Snyder we got better as the game went on, as the season went on, and each year we were a little better than last! we did this on the backs of unknown recruits that he shaped into tough players. he took guys who would have been walk-ons anywhere else and made them great, especially defensively. for several years we didn't have the clout to recruit top QB's and offensive "stars" so we played our butts off on defense. right now, we get worse as the game progresses, we look tired and weak and small. i don't see us growing with each game and each season like we did with Snyder, even if only in small baby steps. to me, going 6-6 isn't really an improvement on last year's 5-7 if we aren't better at the end of the season than we started. i think a new defensive coordinator and a new strength coach is a start, but probably just a band-aid to the bigger problem of head coach. if Prince can't bring in good coaches around him, it doesn't matter if he's actually a football genius (one could argue that you're only as genius as the people you bring around you...hmmm, that applies politically, too!).

i saw that BYU went down to TCU last night! hmmmm (said with pondering voice) [Thomas asserts that coach Patterson of TCU would make a good replacement, should Prince leave KSU]

regarding the students and fans bailing out early in games, i am torn. on the one hand, i hate seeing the students give up so easily. kids these days! they are so entitled! they don't know how exciting it is to see a team go from worst to first. wimps! on the other hand, it really communicates to the administration that change needs to happen. if people would stop going to chiefs' games maybe carl peterson would finally get the well-deserved can!


Laura said...

So what you are saying is they are missing my cousin as the strength coach. You know he started working with the team in 1992 and just left this past summer. ha ha.

Laura said...

I don't know who Mark worked under. He was an undergrad starting in 1992 and then graduate after that. When he was done with his masters he was officially hired on as assistant strength training (from what I remember.)

Mendy said...

jeff SMITH...not jeff kelly. jeff smith was also a strength coach. jeff kelly was an awesome linebacker for ksu in the 90's. not that anyone cares except me.

Mendy said...

and rod cole was the head strength coach. after our game against OU yesterday, i was missing our strong defense of yore.