my views

i decided to start a new section in my blog called "my views" that will feature a new photo i've taken each week (or every couple of weeks!). i think that i noticed another one of my blogging friends doing something similar, so i have to put the disclaimer out there that i thought of it a long time ago but just didn't get around to doing it! i actually got the idea from national geographic's "your shot" series (note the link to their site to the right under "sites to see"). NG features photos from amateur photographers and they are just amazing! i really want to work on getting better. so, i decided to give myself a forum for displaying my photos.

here's how it's gonna work: i have several friends that are AWESOME photographers so i want YOUR FEEDBACK! i do very minimal editing/tampering to my photos (mostly due to a lack of knowledge of how to use photoshop or other such programs). so, for the most part, what you see is exactly how i took the photo. i may brighten it so that you can see it better on the blog, or crop it to get a better fit, but that is the extent. so, photographer friends, i want to hear your feedback: what you would do differently? how would you change the settings? what angles would you take, etc.? and, if you happen to like it just as it is i suppose i wouldn't mind hearing that either!

the first photo is from about a month ago when the Two Seconds Away guys rehearsed in our attic (note the link to their site to the right...free publicity, guys!).

p.s. the sites that i post on my blog are some of my FAVORITE sites and my hope is that my friends who read my blog will also find them useful. plus, i'm always updating them as well as my "favorite things" section.

p.p.s. speaking of "favorite things", i have seen two oscar-worthy performances in the last month: angelina joley in Changeling (an unbelievable true story) and anne hathaway in Rachel Getting Married. great movies, incredible acting by those two women.

p.p.p.s. still trying to figure out how to make a link to the full size version of the picture in "my views." if anyone has tips on that let me know.


tiff said...

well, i don't really have a photographer's eye, but I do have a decorator's eye and there are way to many cords exposed in that room...:) I'm just teasing. I think it is a wonderful picture. Sorry i don't know more about camera settings and whatnot.

Mendy said...

thanks for being my first commentator! i should send you a prize! don't worry...all the cords have been cleaned up!