goodbye waterdeep

on saturday, don and lori had their final waterdeep show in the KC area before moving to nashville.  they asked kirk to run sound (he's become a bit of a regular go-to guy for them lately), which is just a bittersweet, full-circle thing for him.  it's kind of his dream job to run sound for them, and just when he's become a trusted person they know to call on, they move on.  i know it was a little sad for him.  

i should say, it was a little sad to me, too.  their music has been the part of my life, like i'm sure it has for many of you, that allows me to be who i am with all the rough edges and dirty, dark corners.  their persistent honesty and raw lyrics make me feel like i belong with christ, like there's room for someone like me.  they don't clean it up, make it nice, package it just so.  i feel at home with their words.  there are a few significant things in my life that have allowed me to truly experience the gospel, the good news of grace and mercy:  waterdeep, sara groves, brennan manning's writing (e.g. ragamuffin gospel), cs lewis, being married to kirk, and working with kids that are as rough on the outside as i am inside (and sometimes outside!).  

so, thanks don and lori.  (and sara, brennan, clive, kirk, etc....)


Michelle said...

Oh, this is so sad. If I would have know, I would have been there for their last show. I agree with what you wrote, Mendy. Waterdeep's music has helped me through trying times and I still listen to them nearly every day. I remember going to their concerts and just feeling...different. They understand the dark sides of life and aren't afraid to sing about them. They have been a big part of my life, definitely. So, I guess it's a road trip to Nashville, huh??

AbReformed said...

Mendy! I have not read your blog in quite awhile.

Congrats on getting a new job. And that is a funny story of Percival - poor little guy! And I'm sorry to hear that you and Kirk have had to say goodbye to Waterdeep.

Say, that quote you left on my blog from Manning was great. Which book did that come from?

Much love to ya,


Mendy said...

meesh -
i think a road trip to nashville would most certainly be in order. i love that you are still thinking like a spring chicken even though you're about to become a mom!!!

Mendy said...

Briz -
yeah, that quote is from The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus (from bits scattered throughout chapter 5: Shadows in the Spirit)... isn't it great? I had been mulling over it for a while and then when i read your blog it fit perfectly. enjoy!

Paprika said...

Oh so sad!! Nate and I listened to them a lot on our vacation we just took. I wonder if they'll make it big...:)

Mendy said...

don's already been doing a lot of travel between nashville and KC... he's been doing some producing and writing for other artists. they're not necessarily going out there for waterdeep, mainly just for don to continue working more conveniently. i think they'll probably still record their own little projects here and there, though. happy. and sad.