the theatre and the cinema

theater or theatre? i never know.

anyway, i would like to take a moment to brag a little bit. my sister, theresa, is in the process of showing one of her plays. it's a BIG deal. she was accepted for a fellowship allowing her to have the performance space to show. she wrote and is directing the play and my brother is part of the cast. beaming. click here to find out more about the company she started. here are some of the reviews (there are some names mentioned that may seem obscure if you're not a theater person, but you should know this is HUGE!!):

"A zigzagging Orwellian sonata of multimedia effects and workplace procedure... compelling and multifaceted."
- Mitch Montgomery, Backstage

"Field 309 is delivered to you straight out of the media hype of the current economic crisis... Writer/director Theresa Buchheister deserves great commendation for her pointed, stylized, and efficient script and overall inventive vision which guides this play so successfully. The performers are all strong individually and make a great ensemble. I highly recommend getting down to the Incubator Arts Project to check this one out (with or without your supervisor's approval)."
- Heather Lee Rogers, NYTheatre.Com

"Richard Foreman may have left the building, but his spirit and style loom large over the current production at the Incubator Arts Project. This amusing new dark comedy draws on familiar aesthetics ... to create a work that is part Foreman, part Beckett and part The Office."
- Andy Horowitz, CultureBot

isn't that just so exciting???

ok, now about the cinema. you know how on netflix you can rate the movies you've seen? well, this is just too fun for me, combines my "skill" for criticism and my desire to do absolutely nothing productive on this particular saturday. so i've decided to post a list of my 4- and 5-star rated films, because i know it's exactly what you've all been waiting for...my opinion. and because i've nothing better to blog about right now. little disclaimer: this is a very fluid, ever-evolving list as i change my mind quite frequently and my choices are much to do with my current movie "moods." also, this is not necessarily my list of "favorites" (although many of my favorites are scattered throughout the list) but my top-rated movies. some of these, i'll never watch again as they are too uncomfortable or painful to watch, although beautifully made. so, the list:
5 stars:
1. amelie
2. chocolate
3. crash
4. dead poets society
5. good will hunting
6. emma (1996 version)
7. a good year
8. harry potter movies
9. lord of the rings series
10. pride and prejudice (both the 1995 TV series and the 2005 movie)
11. slumdog millionaire
12. walk the line
13. glory
14. a beautiful mind
15. much ado about nothing
16. love actually
17. inception

4 stars:
1. about a boy
2. amadeus
3. american history X
4. awakenings
5. best in show
6. the bourne trilogy
7. braveheart
8. brokeback mountain
9. chariots of fire
10. dan in real life
11. edward scissorhands
12. the family stone
13. fantastic mr. fox
14. fight club
15. frost nixon
16. girl with a dragon tattoo
17. good night and good luck
18. the holiday
19. in her shoes
20. jane eyre (2006 version)
21. juno
22. the kite runner
23. life is beautiful
24. little miss sunshine
25. mansfield park
26. o brother where art thou?
27. office space
28. philadelphia
29. the proposal
30. the queen
31. rachel getting married
32. sherlock holmes
33. a single man
34. stranger than fiction
35. the pianist
36. son of rambow
37. run fatboy run
38. hoosiers
39. get low

so, what do you think? agree? disagree? additions? i've got free netflix for a month so give me some feedback about your favorite movies that may have been left off the list so i can add them to my queue!

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Paprika said...

I'm so glad to have this list, so I can go to it! What about "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?" I thought that movie was WAY cool. And shouldn't you just add "You've got Mail" for nostalgia's sake? :)