random found things

happy new year everyone! i'm not really one for making resolutions (i feel pretty strongly that if something is really important, i ought to do it immediately regardless of the day of the year... although i also think that at times milestone markers are important for setting goals... so i guess i can see both sides), however one of my goals is to tackle a few of the unfinished projects around the house (hello, kitchen cabinets!) and to take more pictures. although i don't always like to finish projects, i'm never wanting for ideas and my etsy cart is certainly swelling with little bits and bobs that i want to add to my home decor. here's a few more finds from the past year that did not make previous posts for lack of photos. ahhhh, but i'm finding it much easier to take interesting photos with my new camera! later this week, i'll post more photos from my new camera. but for now, here's a few shots of my second-hand treasures!

vintage emerson fan found on craigslist; just needed a little cleaning and still works!
freebie snare drum we received as a white elephant gift (no one with children wanted to "steal" it from us... i wonder why). not sure what to do with it, but for now it occupies the corner next to my bookshelf.
freebie vintage illustrated children's nursery rhymes book from the 1950's; one of many books i salvaged from my school's library give-away last year... could not pass it up with these awesome illustrations. not sure what to do with it, how to display... the front cover is drab and dreary... maybe i'll just leave it open on the coffee table???
photo book and biography of dorothea lange, one of my favorite photographers of all time (dust bowl era, migrant workers, etc). found at 1/2 price books and purchased for $6!

post script:
i am in mourning for the inevitable end of my winter break... i feel i've accomplished quite a lot while not actually having to change out of my pajamas on most days for the past two weeks. my accomplishments: took lots of photos, learned (-ing) a new camera, drove to dodge city (to spend time with grandma, cousins, uncle, parents), drove to burlington (to spend time with kirk's fam), had lunch with erika, read 3 or 4 books, rode my bike, did yoga once (yes, exactly one time), made homemade pizzas (with kirk's mom's side of the fam), went to kc to hang out with friends, watched LOADS of football and some basketball, played settlers of catan with the davidson's, ate icing and graham cracker sandwiches with the sandefurs and rex, watched ksu vs. unlv live at the sprint center, and SLEPT (shamefully, that was probably my most frequent activity)! i'd say that's quite a lot to squeeze into two weeks! well, Sleep, it was nice to know you. i will visit you again in march for spring break for tomorrow it is back to school!


tiff said...

I now want to spend more time on etsy and craigslist...or at least come put a few more items on my list in your will. :)

Mendy said...

haha! there will be an entire section of my will designated specifically to you, tiff!