short term memory...a snow day post!

i'm in the midst of enjoying yet another snow day...got to sleep in until 8:15!! that's 2.5 extra hours of sleep people! so far this "blizzard" has more bark than bite, but it is still early i suppose (update: in the time it has taken me to write this post, the little wisps of snow have truly become a blizzard indeed!). i will say that weather.com has pretty much got it wrong all along, i recommend accuweather.com instead. according to weather.com, the snow was supposed to start yesterday morning...oops.

anyway, enough about that. i realized that two
posts ago i promised to do a post showing off some new old found things. that promised post then promptly slipped my mind. i have a short term memory problem. i really do. i need to start doing puzzles or something.

ok, on to the new old found things:
*mom and i dug around in her basement a little over christmas and pulled out a bunch of her grandmother's china. since she doesn't use it (mom notoriously has about 40 different sets of dishes!), i brought it home with me... the pieces i'm not using are carefully stored away in china storage bags. there's a whole set of the floral china like the teacup, plus this great fireking bowl (the pink bowl), and a couple of mismatched dessert plates. i've always wanted a little collection of mismatched teacups, but even better than buying a bunch of mismatched cups is getting my great-grandma's teacups for FREE!
*so, ever since we moved, i have been trying to remember where in the BLAST i put our silver set that was a gift to kirk from his mother... i know, i know, i'm the most HORRIBLE person to not remember where i stashed the gifted silver!
short term memory, what can i say. i could remember where i stored it when we were living in the old house, but for the life of me could not find where i'd put it in the new house (i've torn the house apart searching and it's not a large house!). so, i went back to check the old house several times and still could not find it!!! my worst nightmare was that i had accidentally put it in a pile destined for goodwill! kirk insisted that even i am not THAT evil, which only made me feel worse for not being able to find it! this has literally kept me up at night, wracking my brain, think, THINK! where is it?!?!?! so, finally mom and i decided to look one more time in the drawer under the stairs at the old house. little did i know that there was about a foot and a half extra drawer all the way at the back under piles of mom's serving platters and place mats which was secretly hiding my precious lost silver! so, i've brought it home, washed it, and put it out for display and use! i decided that i did not want to keep it hidden away in the box now that the
prodigal silver has returned.

recent etsy finds:
*i love colorful vintage enamelware and have been looking for just the right piece. i like reds and turquoises in my kitchen and i wanted to get a piece that i will actually use because i just DO NOT have room in my tiny kitchen for things i won't use. i'm not really a collect-and-display type of person. things need to have a purpose. well, i do not have a stock pot so i found this dansk enamelware pot for a great price on etsy and the enamel on the inside of the pot was in great shape so i bought it! and i've already used it to make lentil soup!
*found this great little creamer to add to my white collection... it's not really a collection, i just have white dishes. the stripe-y pitcher is a gift from my friend, hannah, from france... apparently they use pitchers such as this to serve wine!

free finds:
*i snatched this old, outdated, extremely dirty globe from the school library (with the librarian's permission, of course!) for FREE! it was
caked with dust and has some damage on the
metal because of the layers of dust...but i cleaned it up and i love it! you all know how i feel about globes.

so, what have we learned today?
*check accuweather.com for accurate weather forecasts (hence, the name).
*always, ALWAYS look in the very back of the
drawer under the stairs...you never know what treasures you may find.
*free stuff is always better than not-free stuff.
*when starting a collection, check with your mom who has thousands of dish sets first to see if there are heirloom pieces that she's not using.
*only buy vintage pieces that you a) love and b) envision using. unless you like vintage globes. it's ok to buy vintage globes, or get them for free, even if they do not serve a very practical purpose. because they look awesome. and they are cheaper than traveling to exciting places. although traveling to exciting places really is an adventure that cannot be replaced by globes. that's all.

p.s. i am having a great deal of difficulty posting pictures today so apologies for the confusing pictures in the wrong places and wonky typing!

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