the cleanse

so, i decided to do this "cleansing diet" because i need to kind of start over. i need to start with the bare minimum food and give my body a break from all the crap. so, for a week it's just fruits and veggies for me (and a handful of nuts here and there). next week, i'll add in beans, whole grains, rice, and tofu.

first thing i noticed, i really am not that hungry. i'm eating a lot less but i'm not hungry. which means that i can get by with a lot less than what i was eating before. i knew that i was eating a lot more than i needed, but couldn't distinguish between "needs" and "wants." you get used to thinking you "need" to load the plate up, you "need" that extra bread (with butter), you "need" a combo meal instead of just a sandwich or a taco. after a while you stop thinking of those things as extras, you start to believe you will be hungry without them.

second thing i noticed, i can't look at erika's blog. she's got amazing pics of good foods she's cooking up...none of which i can have for now!

one more week to go. i'm going to live a little next friday, eat what i want on fridays, but i think i'll probably stick with the week 2 diet other than that.

is it strange to talk about my food intake on my blog? oh well. that's what is going on with me right now.


Dr. Mike said...

It's fine until you start talking about your foot outlet. Then we're back into Kirk's territory from 2 post's ago. :) Also, cool that you are moving into a new house. Of courseI may not be around to move you this time. :)

Mendy said...

oh come on...you know that driving to lawrence to haul all our crap around town is EXACTLY how you want to spend your time. like you have anything better to do...it's not like you're a doctor.

(note the sarcastic tone)

Paprika said...

the pizza is healthy!! Anyways, I know you can't eat it YET, but eventually, it would be a good addition. But thanks for the compliment anyway. :)

tiff said...

how's that cleanse going??