more on the cleanse

ok...i've learned a lot about my habits, like eating because i want food, not because i'm hungry, or thinking i'm eating healthy foods but not keeping track of how much "extra" stuff i'm adding (sour cream with black bean quesadillas, or tons of cheese and croutons on a salad).

i've also been present in a lot of situations where i normally would have indulged with no hint of self-control yet passed up the chance to eat my normal favorites (like popcorn at the movies, enchiladas and margaritas at a dinner my mom had for Dale's friends, soda and junk food at a favorite restaurant, etc). i thought i would have to just avoid these situations altogether during the cleanse, to avoid temptation; it's nice to know that i can turn down my favorites.

as part of the cleanse, i also don't eat after 7 pm which hasn't been as difficult as you would think and has actually helped me turn down some of my previously mentioned "favorites" because it was already too late in the day.

i'm cranky, though. i want bread. and cheese. and tacos. it helps me to know this is only for a short period of time. i don't intend to go back to totally over-eating and junk food. but it's nice to know that at the end of this i can eat a taco.

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Kevin Sandi Emma said...

Schrags are getting updated on Hutsoneisters. . . funny you should write about a cleanse. I decided to do 3 days of fruits and veggies only. I'm done tonight, but I feel pathetic compared to your 2 weeks:) Maybe I'll stick it out a few more days:) Good for you! You'll definitely feel better when you're done. (Seriously, though, I really miss garlic bread and melted cheese on everything:)