final installment of the south africa trip...coming soon!

so i'm sure all of my 5 blog readers are sitting by their computers eagerly awaiting the post and the pictures regarding the 3rd and final leg of our south africa trip (which was 2 months ago!!!), so put your minds at ease...it is coming soon!

i actually had the entire thing typed up and pictures were in the process of uploading a week ago and before i could publish the post the "blue screen of death" appeared on our computer. i don't really have a technical term for what happened at that moment but just know that i was not pleased. our computer is moving at a snail's pace. kirk is in the process of fixing this problem but until he does, i cannot easily update our blog. i am currently typing this post from the computers at school. yeah, blogging at work...don't judge.

so, please continue to check my blog! don't give up on me!!!


Laura said...

Man I hate "the blue screen of death" and i am checking your blog from work and commenting from work.

casey elizabeth said...

i believe in youuuuuu!!!

Mendy said...

so last night i was typing a paper for my graduate class and since our computer has been stupid lately i tried to save as often as possible...however, i hadn't saved for about the last 300 words and the blue screen of death popped up and the computer shut off! i thought so many cuss words. argh.

Kyle said...

Darn computers! (hehe)

Yes, some of us are still reading.

shannondg said...

girl, these pics are A-MA-ZING