random questions

my friend laura always finds these surveys with the greatest questions, so i stole some of the questions off of her blog.  i'm not going to lie, i chose only the questions for which i had witty answers because i like to edit myself so that i appear to be more awesome than i really am.  

1. Song that always makes you sad?  ok, maybe it's just me... but i love a good "sad" song because the lyrics are usually really honest and it makes me feel like less of a freak show!  so, i can't really think of many songs that truly make me sad... although country songs usually make me sad just because they're awful.  sorry, country fans.  
2. Last person you argued with?  a student tried to argue with me about why i wouldn't "help" her (translation:  give her the answers) on a test.  so, i stole her student planner, flipped to the "rules and regulations" page and wrote at the top, "MENDY IS ALWAYS RIGHT" and told her that it was the #1 rule at LHS, so, sorry, guess there's no arguing with me.  i don't think she thought it was as hilarious as i did.  
3. Do you put Peanut Butter before putting the jelly on?
totally.  otherwise the jelly makes the bread soggy... peanut butter is a buffer.
4. One of your stuffed animals' names as a kid?
Lamb-y.  it was a stuffed lamb.  i was really creative with my naming process.
5. T.V. show you secretly enjoy?  
i'm not terribly embarrassed by any shows that i watch... i am, however, embarrassed that i am sitting at home on a friday night blogging and watching The Masters... The Masters... really? and this after taking a 3 hour nap when i got home from work.  i think i actually skipped my 30th birthday and went straight to 84.  
6. Would you rather play basketball or hockey?  
i love basketball.  in my imagination i was always a really great player, but then it never seemed to translate into actual physical talent.  
7. Do you know all the words to the Canadian national anthem?
i'm with you, Laura, i can't even make it past the first 2 words... O Canada, dum da di dum di da... seriously, what are the words?
8. Favorite Cheese?  
all of them?  eww, except gorgonzola. bleh, it tastes like sick.  
9. Did you go to your high school prom?
oh prom.  hideous bridesmaidal dress (yeah, i made that word up), awful "dyeables" shoes from payless (ugly AND uncomfortable), do-it-yourself hair-do, and an AWFUL sunburn from a soccer game earlier that day (shin guard lines and sleeves lines don't really flatter)
10. Do you use your queen right away in chess?
no, and i've yet to win a game.  so, i'm no prodigy.  
11.Ever been in a car accident?  
yes.  and it was my fault, which sucks even more.  side note:  i've also backed into a police car.  kirk and i have also both backed into the same exact car belonging to a total stranger on two totally separate occasions.  i know.  
12. Closer to mom or dad...or neither?  
both.  i think my mom is "close" to everyone she's ever had a conversation with. she has this way of drawing people out and having deep heartfelt conversations with just everyone.  dad and i are sports pals.  and rolling-our-eyes-at-mom pals.  dad and i tend to have the same exact spiritual thought processes. mom and i read the same books and love the same movies.  my family never really lacks for things to talk about.  i'm sure you are all shocked.  
13. What decade during the 20
th century would you have chosen to be a teenager?  i would never have survived any era when girls were supposed to be LADIES.  i think i would have been a quite rebellious '50's teenager!  yeah, the '90's were probably the best fit... you could get away with wearing t-shirts, baggy flannel shirts, baggy jeans.  anything earlier than the '60's and i would have had to wear dresses and skirts.  nope. 
14. Were you in track and field? my track career was short-lived.  i did summer track club in 4th grade.  while waiting for mom to pick me up from practice one day i decided to practice hurdles on this little chain fence.  i think we see where this is going.  caught my foot, face-planted, looked around to see if anyone saw me.  kirk has a great pole-vaulting story, you should as him about it sometime.  
15. Baseball hat or toque?  
what in the world is a toque??  i like baseball hats, but hair's a little poofy for them. 
16. Have you thrown up on a plane?
yeah.  but only thing i'd had was oj, so... it was flying into NYC... i think flying so low over the tall buildings made me wretch.  
17. Have you thrown up in a car?
not that i remember.  i'm not generally a puker.
18. Have you thrown up at work?
no.  but i make puking noises when i see kids sucking face in the halls. seriously.  it seems to be more effective than asking them to stop.   
19. Who was your first prom date?  
ha ha.  ryan aylward.  michelle's cousin's husband.  awkward.  point of clarification:  he was not anyone's husband when he went to prom with me.  i did have a really huge crush on him.  but he was just a really great friend.  i was really good at being "friends" with guys, i think it was the sports thing.  anyone else remember that hated phrase, "you're just a really great friend?"  bleck.
20. Who was your first roommate?
the browning house girls.  
21. What was your first job? I
Can't Believe It's Yogurt.  great name.  it was a popular choice for all the "Classy Cats" dancers that went tanning next door.  they always ordered large, non-fat vanilla, with candy bar toppings.  i never quite understood the purpose of the non-fat vanilla in all of that.  
22. Who was your first Best Friend and are you still friends with them?
Carrie, and yes, we're still friends!  we were an unlikely pair.  the first time we met was when i moved to the neighborhood when i was 5 and she was 6.  she rode up to me on this brown bmx bike (she was a total girly-girl which made the choice of bicycles even more ironic) and asked if i wanted to ride with her.  her definition of "riding" was to shuffle along with her feet on the ground instead of pedaling. we were always together after that.  we had our own weird little way of talking with each other.  her mother thought we were retarded.  yeah, she actually used the word retarded.  hilarious.  
23.Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?
 kirk.  poor guy.  
24. What was the first concert you attended?
DC Talk and Michael W Smith.  yeah.  i was a cool christian.  
25. First tattoo or piercing?
the cartilage of my ear.  lost a bet.  made Todd go with me (he was the winner of the bet) because i am a chicken. 
26.   First celebrity crush?  ahh, ralph maccio (wait.  was that his name???).  karate kid.  christian bale has been my longest running celeb crush (going strong ever since Newsies)


Laura said...

Loved the post. Cracked me up.

Paprika said...

ahhhh...prom. Enough said.

Kelsy said...

This made me laugh. Kirk's pole vaulting almost made me pee my pants!