i just got back from visiting my brother and sister in new york! my mom and i left last friday and stayed until yesterday and we packed A LOT of action into one weekend. if you've been to new york you know how it seems like you don't accomplish very much but you stay REALLY busy because half of the time and energy is spent on walking, subway, walking, pushing through crowds, sweaty subway stations, packed trains, walking, crashing into more people, standing in lines, walking, sweating....
hears a rundown of activities and some pics: short plays, sushi, shopping at the Strand bookshop, Mary Poppins on Broadway, Harry Potter, Indian food, Coney Island, Brooklyn, Times Square, 72nd and Amsterdam, Italian food, clothes shopping, massages in Chinatown (I conversed in Chinese with the masseuses! I still remember a little bit from the 2 weeks I was there!), great restaurants, etc.

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Paprika said...

These are great pictures, and wow! I miss your family! It's been AAAAGES since I've seen them. Tell them all hi for me. Seriously...we've got to get to Lawrence sometime soon.