well, students show up tomorrow! yikes. i am super nervous. i feel like i've been trying to sip from a fire hydrant that is opened full blast. there is so much information, so much that i'm expected to know already, and i'm really nervous about how the students will respond to me. all to be expected, i suppose. the two most stressful things in a teacher's career are the first year of teaching and adjusting to a new district... i'm doing both this year. i feel like i know a storm is approaching and i can't avoid it but i am just hoping to weather the storm. i know that it's going to be busy, stressful, uncomfortable, confusing and scary for a little while but if i can just get through these first few months, i'll start to settle in a bit. here's some pics of my classroom.

i'll be teaching social development skills to kids with emotional and behavioral disorders. most of the office referrals from last year came from kids in my caseload, specifically the class that i teach. i'll also be working in an intervention room to help students with academic and behavioral problems that come up during their gen ed classes. and, finally, i will have my family advocacy group, which are kids that i will have close communication with everyday, close connections to their families, and help them stay on track with their goals, graduation requirements, etc.


Michelle said...

Thinking of you, (sch)Mendy! If I would have had a teacher as cool as you, I would have never wanted to leave school!

tiff said...

It's going to be great!! You'll be great! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Paprika said...

I think if i were in your shoes I would be so nervous I would throw up. I so admire your passion for this type of work. You'll be great!

So...if we wanted to come to Lawrence, what weekends would be good?

Anonymous said...

I am really excited for you and I know you are going to be amazing.