photo competition!!!!

Hey friends. Don't forget about the River To Well photo competition that I think all of my photographically-inclined friends should enter! You can submit photos online (save on the cost of printing photos and postage) and all of the funds go toward building a well in a South African village in a region that was hit hard by last year's typhoid outbreak. The competition has student, amateur, and professional levels, so there's NO EXCUSES to not enter your photos. DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 15!! Here's the link to the competition website: www.rivertowell.com

I'm planning on submitting a few photos, some of which have been featured on this blog. In fact, why don't you weigh in on which photos are your favorites. Go to the right side of the blog and click on my previous blog entries that are under the "photos" label and scan through and let me know which photos are your favorites and that you want me to submit.

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