summer reading list and boulder pics

so, i realize that summer is almost over (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) but i still haven't posted about my summer reading.
intriguing quote from the book i'm currently reading (Brideshead Revisted - Evelyn Waugh):
"'Sometimes,' said Julia, 'I feel the past and the future pressing so hard on either side that there's no room for the present at all.'"
that really stuck out to me. i think i can identify with that. but that could be entire post on its own.
ok, here's the stack of summer reading:
the first stack are the books i've already read or am in the process of reading. the other two stacks are the books that i still have to read before school starts on august 9! don't think i'm going to make it!

also, here's some pics from our lovely trip to boulder, co for the buchheister family reunion. we have these every 5 years and there are descendants from my grandfather (dale buchheister) and all of his siblings(there were 12 siblings total!!!), so it's kind of a big deal. there were 110 people at the reunion this year, which is fewer than have been at previous reunions, if that gives you an idea. pretty amazing.
1. the ernie buchheisters playing on pearl street
2. hiking with kirk, my sis and bro, and some of the "cousins" (2nd cousins, a few times removed or something)
3. overlooking boulder from the not-quite-but-close-enough-to-the-top
4. theresa, me, and liz (my 1st cousin). theresa cannot be trusted with a gravy boat.
5 and 6. some of the dale buchheisters (not my brother dale, my grandfather dale) including my grandmother mary ruth, dad's brothers john and mike and their families and my family. dad's sister dalene and her family had already left by this point. confusing yet??

i'm really glad for these reunions and love my big family. it makes me sad that we can only all gather every five years but there are just so many of us and it's hard to get together in one place.


Kyle said...

Something that I've noticed on the blog is that when you post pictures I can't click on them to make them bigger. I'm wondering if it's some weird thing with blogger.com? The pictures from boulder and the pictures of the books would be really nice to see bigger. Ah well, I'll enjoy what I can get, right?

Mendy said...

Yeah, I've noticed that too. Unfortunately I don't know how to fix that other than to just post bigger pictures. I'll make sure to do that in the future. Maybe I'll go back and re-post to make the pics bigger from this last post if I have time.

Kyle said...

Sounds good. Also, you'd probably like to know that I FINALLY posted an update on my blog. What can I say...you inspired me.

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