out on the town with tiff...and antique/junk/thriftstore finds

tiffany and i went antique store shopping and had lunch on friday for a nice little girls day out on the town. i picked up this cute little globe (i think percival approves...he's currently sleeping on the base of it). tiff and i discussed pieces of furniture that we have "issues" with, like no matter how full your house is, or how many of this item you may already have, you can't keep yourself from being pulled toward these pieces anyway. for me, it's antique dressers, chairs, and industrial furniture (file cabinets, metal desks, etc). and bookshelves! but at least the bookshelves serve a purpose for my other "habit." i'm currently having to stack books 2-deep in my over-six-feet-tall bookshelf, not to mention the hundreds of books that i've taken to school so that i can further hide my habit from kirk. hehe. one of the projects that i want to do is turn my big hall closet into a library, as you see here from real simple magazine:
(sorry about the blurry phone-pics...my camera is in the shop being cleaned...let's just pretend that i took these hazy, vintagey-looking photos on purpose! i'm a creative genious!).
anyway, doesn't that library look wonderful?? i told kirk that he might as well get over it, because i'm never going to stop buying
books, and i just don't take enough books to sell back to half price bookstore (love!) to keep up with my habit. and as far as vices go, it could be worse...
anyway, i've had a bit of antique/ junkshop/thriftstore/craigslist luck lately. here are more of my finds:

1. farm table (from locust street marketplace antique store in lawrence) and white enamel lamp shades ($5 each at habitat restore)
2. another pic of the globe (notice it still has USSR on it! and all these wonky colonial names in africa).
3. cute light blue metal cabinet (locker-style) with shelves...eventually for our bathroom, once we get around to that project! ($75 craigslist, from a person who turned out to be my friend who moved to tejas...so it at least stayed in the "family")
4. handy red wheel barrow ($10 craigslist...by the way, you would be amazed how many people on craigslist think it's wheel barrel. nope, sorry folks.)
5. the last pic is of my avocado plant that i found growing in my compost pile from a discarded avocado pit! i decided to pot it and see what happens! not really a "thriftstore find" but i was really excited that i caused something to grow without even trying so i decided to post it! ok, i realize that god actually caused it to grow. stop stealing my thunder!

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And Percival looks exactly like our Jade...cousins???