eventual bathroom reno

a note before i begin: on monday, i lose my summer freedom and return to school. i think i've done quite a good little job this summer of frequently updating my blog, but my life is about to get stressful and busy, so let me know if you've been reading and i will try my best to keep up with the blogging. also, photographers and f.o.p (friends of photogs), please don't forget about river to well photocompetition! i believe the deadline for entry is coming up in september! ok, onto the renovating...

so eventually, hopefully next summer (fingers crossed!!!), we're going to totally gut the bathroom, rip up floors, tear out yucky plastic shower and awful countertop, demo gross paneled walls and ceiling, and totally renovate the little tiny 6 x 8 ft room. i would like to do this as cheaply as possible and use as many non-new things as possible! i'm going to try looking on craigslist for everything first, but if we can't find what we need, we may need to buy new. we're going to reuse our toilet, we have that light blue cabinet pictured in my previous post for storage, and that's about it! here are some of our finds so far:
1) free bathtub hook-up from kirk's mom! we're going to refinish the inside and strip and paint the outside obviously (unless pink and brown icky paint becomes the trend in the next year!). have any of you ever refinished a clawfoot tub?? we're trying to do this economically, yet professionally, if that's possible. we'll also have to buy the shower curtain ring and shower converter at some point. the tub is only 4.5 ft long which is just about perfect for our tiny bathroom and just long enough to sit in comfortably for the 2 times a year i actually take baths.
2) pedestal sink with faucet from craigslist for $125 total! from what we can tell, if we bought this new we probably would have spent about $60-100 or more for the basin, $60-100 for the pedestal, and no less than $100 for the faucet, so i think that's a good deal!

other things we're looking for: lighting, tile, flooring (unless we find hardwood floors under the yucky laminate), medicine cabinet, fixtures (like towel bars, toilet paper holder, etc). if any of you guys see cool vintage/salvaged/antique options for medicine cabinets, let me know. that could end up being a big expense!

also here's another picture of my cute globe and back issues of magazines purchased from my antique shopping day with tiff. just 'cause i like it.


Brooke said...

join in on the fun...i agree...the mommy guilt is present in our DNA! I felt it even before kids toward our dog :)
"i'm such a bad dog mommy because I haven't walked her in 6 months"...unfortunately I think that guilt was warranted :)

Kyle said...

If you're not in a big hurry, Purple Wave occasionally has pallets of tile that typically sell for just a couple hundred bucks. It's been a few months since I've seen any, but considering our 1/2 pallet of new tile cost us over $1500, that could be significant.