another great performance

don't worry, friends. NBC's "The Sing Off" is only a 3-week long show, so you'll only have to hear/read my obsessive posts for 3 weeks! promise! of course, after this show ends, my little blogger self will return to writing obsessive posts about other subjects, like sports, or things i don't like, or some other thing that only i feel strongly about that would go completely unobserved by any other normal adult human...but you'll read on because you're my friend or because you're related to me and you feel you have to indulge me out of obligation.

oh, anyway. i forgot i was typing for a minute. ha! ok, so the POINT is, Committed delivered forth another incredible performance on last night's episode of "The Sing Off." i'll admit i was nervous for round two because i didn't think they could possibly achieve what they achieved in the first round. but, they were charming as ever, forcing the audience and the other competitors to their feet, arms in the air, judges silenced, ben folds stumbling over words, shawn stockman drooling, and if you press play below you'll hear why:

i would suggest watching full episodes on NBC's website, because you really miss something by not being able to hear how, incredibly, Committed outshines the competition, who are also very talented and entertaining singing groups, and yet...they just don't come close.

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