sounds worth hearing

if you haven't already, you should definitely start watching "The Sing Off" on NBC...it's a voices-only competition for singing groups and it's delightful! if you were ever in a choir, or like a cappella, or sing in your shower, or like music at all, or have ears, you should watch this show! it's only 3 weeks long so don't act like you are just too busy or important to listen to good music! favorite group of the night: Committed, a gospel group that does not normally sing pop music and they just killed it. destroyed. they had shawn stockman (of Boys II Men...another favorite!) tripping over himself, speechless. the other groups, the competition, were unable to stay in their seats, they could not resist, they just had to celebrate with the awesomeness that was happening on the stage. remember this is a live show, with no instruments, lots of potential for awful-pitchy-ashley-simpson-on-saturday-night-live moments... but this was just pure...heaven. take a listen.

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