this past weekend kirk and i gave ourselves the gift of a clean house. remember my new year's resolution to clean for 20 minutes a day in order to keep my house a happy clean house? well, that lasted about 2 months. and i'm pretty sure i haven't cleaned my house since. i do plan to re-instate the resolution as soon as summer (aka free time) begins. anyway, i really enjoy my house, especially clean. it's very comforting. i opened up the windows and let the breeze circle through the house while i planted myself in my bed and read books for most of the weekend... other than the bit when i was cleaning. i decided to take a picture of my clean room to show you so that you can understand why that was just about the perfect weekend for me...
...isn't it so comfy looking??? natural light, breezy, dark walls making it small and cozy, fluffy pillows, wrinkly-looking duvet, piles of antique quilts from my grandmothers and great-aunt stacked in the armoire, clothes and clutter put away, the smell of lemon-y furniture polish, the sound of my wind chime drifting in through the open window, and plenty of books waiting to be read... perfect.

then, i realized that i probably never showed you my new bed.
you'll remember that i ordered it back in november. unfortunately it was delivered minus a few key parts so we ended up having to return the ENTIRE bed so they could send us a new bed (exactly the same bed, mind you) but with all the appropriate bits and bobs so that we could actually put it together and use it for sleeping! this delivery-return-redelivery process took many months and resulted in a $100 gift card and free delivery after i very nicely told restoration hardware that i was less than satisfied with the experience. but, in the end, i received the bed and i'm very happy with it and my room looks like an adult bedroom and not a college dorm.

i also never showed you the great dresser i found on craigslist! you know i have a problem with dressers. can't seem to get enough.
ok, back to my original topic: i find it rather strange that i equally (but for entirely DIFFERENT reasons) enjoy being at school with loads of noisy, energetic students, and all of my exceptional co-workers, AND being at home alone in my room with a stack of books, napping cats, and a pleasant-y breeze. seems a little bipolar, yes? anyway, this got me thinking: what is the most comfortable room in your house and what makes it so comfortable?


Michelle said...

Well, when I owned a home...it was my bedroom after is was finished. Cool blue-gray colored walls, striped quilt with warm colors that strangely worked so well with the cool toned walls. Handmade white curtains that blew gently when I opened the windows. Oh, how I am SO wanting my own house again. I don't hate our space now it just feels so cluttered all the time cause it's small. One day...

Thanks for this post. I love posts like this. Charming, I'd say. Happy you shared. Pay no attention when you come home one day and find I have picked the lock so that I could cozy up on your bed with a good book. Reading Hunger Games now and would love to be reading that in your bed. That sounds awkward. I should stop there :)

Paprika said...

definitely our hearth room/living room...whatever you call that area. It's basically just part of the large living area upstairs. but the elements that I enjoy are the large amounts of natural light, a window seat, and the stone fireplace. Furniture adorned with quilts and afghans. About perfect.