a little self-admiration, if i may

earlier this month i completed my final paper, typed my last words, wrote the last sentence of many to complete my masters degree! yay! i finished my last assignment on the same day as kirk and my anniversary and it was also the busiest week of the school year, so it was a bit overlooked. but now i would like to take this moment to congratulate myself. i am asking that you now address me as "master." ok, not really, i just wanted to bask in the light of being DONE for a minute. i also found out that i finished in the top 10% of graduate students at Emporia State University. i don't know if that is very prestigious or not, since it's a rather small university. well, thanks for allowing me a braggart-y moment. it will never happen again. unless i get another masters. or a doctorate. then i'll be insufferable!

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casey elizabeth said...

Brag away, MASTER! Congrats to you on this achievement! You have been so diligent as you have maintained work, church, relationships, so many things! Be proud. Enjoy a completed chapter. Also, congrats to you and Kirk! Gotta love those anniversaries...Phill and I just celebrated our first!

Miss you!!!!